Bosch Kiox Retrofit Kit (BU1330)

Bosch Kiox Retrofit Kit (BU1330)

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The small display that's got it all

This makes Kiox and Kiox 300 the perfect companions – for sporty rides and Connected Biking adventures. Used in conjunction with the eBike Connect app, Kiox, the robust display of the Bosch eBike Systems 2, lets you plan your routes withy your riding data in view at all times. Kiox 300 is the display for the new system generation, the smart system, which is constantly expanded with new functions through the eBike Flow app and updates over-the-air.

Smart system or Bosch eBike System 2

Kiox and Kiox 300 at a glance

Fully networked and perfectly coordinated components

Kiox 300

eBike Flow App

The eBike Flow app connects you with your own eBike and is the key to a fully networked eBike experience.


In the smart system, all components are networked with each other and connected to the eBike Flow app via the LED Remote. The same goes for the Kiox 300.

eBike Lock for additional theft protection

Standard feature

  • Activation of motor support through detection of the smartphone as a digital key via Bluetooth
  • Lock status indicator in the display

Activity tracking

Automatic tracking of tour and fitness data.

Walk assistance

Instructions for smart walk assistance in the display to make it easier to master steep climbs on foot.


Coming soon

Kiox 300 highlights - for the smart system

Getting to know Kiox 300

Get to know the connected on-board computer for sporty eBikers! This video explains how to use Kiox 300 as a smart companion on sporty tours.


Riding modes

With the help of the riding modes, the support of the eBike motor can be easily adjusted via the control unit/display. All modes for optimum support in every situation can be found here.







No support, all display functions can be called up Low support with maximum efficiency for highest range Consistent support for long range touring Stepless assistance for energy-saving riding and a natural riding feel on sporty tours Dynamic support for a natural riding feel and optimal control when eMountain biking Powerful support for universal use - both for sporty riding and for brisk commuting in city traffic Direct, maximally powerful support up to high pedalling frequencies for steep climbs

*In eMTB mode, the assistance level varies between Tour and Turbo riding modes.
**In Tour+ mode, the assistance level varies between Eco and Turbo riding modes.

Smart features

Customise your riding modes

Adapt the riding mode to your needs with the eBike Flow app: You can fine-tune the Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo riding modes to give you more support or to use less power.

Watch the video

Kiox 300 and eBike Lock

Activating the eBike Lock function via the eBike Flow app lets you use your smartphone as a digital key. Because motor support can only be activated with your smartphone and the Bluetooth connection, your eBike holds no attraction for thieves.

Kiox 300 and the eBike Flow app

The eBike Flow app connects you with your eBike — and your eBike with the digital world. Use the app to control all functions of the smart system, which connects the drive unit, battery and control unit. It allows you to adapt the eBike exactly to your wishes, to expand it and to keep it up-to-date by easily downloading new features and services. You can conveniently install updates for your eBike via Bluetooth. This keeps your eBike up to date and continuously upgraded with new features. This is how you can take your riding enjoyment to even higher levels.


eBike Lock

Use your smartphone as a digital key that automatically activates and deactivates the motor support on your eBike – for additional theft protection. 

Ride screen

Use your smartphone as a large display, control it via the LED Remote and have the most important riding data and map-based navigation clearly displayed to you.

Navigation and route planning

Choose the route profile that suits you best and explore your surroundings while being reliably guided to your destination. 


Kiox highlights - for Bosch eBike System 2

Getting to know the Kiox

Get to know the Kiox and take your first steps towards a digitally connected eBike experience.


Riding modes


Eco mode




No support (all display functions are still available). Low level support with maximum efficiency for the longest range. Uniform support for rides with long ranges. Continuously incremented support for a natural riding sensation and energy-saving riding for sporty eBikers. Powerful support for all types of riding, such as a sporty ride or for fast commuting in city traffic.  Maximum support delivered immediately - even up to the highest cadences for sporty riding. 

*Progressive support for a natural riding sensation and optimal control on demanding terrain.
**The Tour+ riding mode is available for eBikes with Drive Unit Performance Line CX with derailleur gears (from model year 2020) and eMTB mode and replaces the Tour mode.

Kiox and eShift

Kiox is also available with eShift, the integrated electronic gear shifting solution that Bosch eBike Systems offers in cooperation with the shifting system manufacturers enviolo, Rohloff and Shimano. This is a solution that offers many advantages for every riding style: Greater comfort, extra-smooth gear shifting operations and enhanced riding enjoyment.

Kiox and 'Lock'

Worry-free parking: The 'Lock' premium function makes Kiox the key to greater security. This function enables motor support to be deactivated by removing the on-board computer, making the pedelec less attractive to thieves. A smart complement to a mechanical lock. 

Retrofitting Kiox

Check the accessories and retrofitting page to find out whether your eBike is compatible with Kiox and how to perform a retrofit.



  • anthracite
  • display Kiox in coloured premium packaging
  • incl. display holder with cable 1500 mm and control unit


Kit contains: Display Kiox Display holder Kiox Mounting Plate Kiox Control unit Drive Unit Cable

All parts already pre-assembled


Product Line Compatibility:

  • Gen2
    Active Line (BDU2XX)
    Performance Line/Speed (BDU2XX)
    Performance Line CX (BDU2XX)


  • Gen3
    Active Line (BDU3XX)
    Active Line Plus (BDU3XX)
    Performance Line (BDU3XX)


  • Gen4
    Performance Line CX (BDU4XX)
    Performance Line Speed (BDU4XX)
    Cargo Line/Speed (BDU4XX)


Scope of delivery: 1 kit

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