What is Cyclescheme?

Cyclescheme allows you to not only buy bikes, but also accessories using a salary sacrifice employee benefit. You choose which Cycle &/Or accessories you require for an agreed length of time. The cost of which is deducted from your salary over 12 months and because the deduction is made before tax, you'll pay less Income Tax and National Insurance, saving at least 25% and spreading the cost

How does it work?

1. Pick Your Package & Apply

Once you've decided what you need, 

then you just need to request your certificate

from Cyclescheme letting them know you're ready.

You can use the calculator below to figure out 

how much you could save.



2. Get Your Gear

This couldn't be easier. If your employer is signed

up with Cyclescheme, they will have a unique

employer code to use when you apply via Your employer will review

 your application and pay for your Cyclescheme

 package. You'll then receive an Certificate which 

you can exchange for your new Cycle &/or 







3. Choose an ownership option

When your Hire Agreement and salary sacrifice ends, you can keep your Cyclescheme package by making a small ownership fee.

For full details on your ownership options, see here.



Please Note

  • Sale items Can Be purchased But will add on the cost we incur from the cycle scheme which could be 6, 10 or 15% depending on which scheme you use. Please see below or contact our sales team for a price.

Cycle Scheme Provider Fee as a %
Green Commute 6 %
Cycle Scheme 10 %
My Benefits World 10 %
Caboodle 10 %
Bike 2 Work 10 %
Cycle Solutions 10 %
Enjoy Benefits 10 %
Halfords 15 %

Savings calculator

You can save at least 25% whether you are buying a bike and accessories or just accessories. Just use the calculator below to see how much you can save.

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