Luma Escudo 55 HU Shackle Lock

Luma Escudo 55 HU Shackle Lock

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Escudo 55 HU

Heavy duty D lock.

16mm diameter shackle of hardened steel coated in flexible rubber which locks into a solid metal body covered by protective plastic using a tough locking mechanism.

Sliding lid keyhole cover for high protection against weather and corosion. 

Abloy type disc detainer key with 7 discs making possible up to 20,000 possible key options.

Supplied with a pair of long life nickel silver keys with plastic heads.

320x175mm Or 245x175mm in black SRA Approved, SBSC Approved, ART Approved



Hardened steel body

Hardened steel body
Cuerpo en acero edurecido
Corpo in acciaio temprato
Antivol en acier cementé
Hardened steel shackle
Hardened steel shackle
Arco de acero endurecido
Arco di acciaio temprato
Anse en acier cémenté
Plastic cover
Anti-humidity plastic cover
Tapa anti-humedad
Copertura anti-umidità
Couvercle contre l'umidité
245 175 HOA55245W 16 mm
320 175 HOA55320W  



Luma Security,
RCT Security.

Locks which meet the strictest Resistance and Complexity Tests (RCT).


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