Kross Turismo 3.5W Cree LED Front Light

Kross Turismo 3.5W Cree LED Front Light

Stock Code: LIKR0199

Kross bicycle light with XPE2 R3 LED. Thanks to the use of unique technology using the Smart Beam sensor, the lamp automatically adjusts its output to the intensity of the ambient light. The built-in accelerometer automatically turns on the lamp when motion is detected.

During daylight, the daylight mode is switched on automatically, when passing through a tunnel, an underground passage, at dusk or during rain, t. j. in places where the amount of light is limited, the lamp automatically switches from daylight mode to main light mode. At night, the light turns on automatically in main light mode, and the brightness changes automatically depending on the ambient brightness.

The intuitive mounting method allows the lamp to be quickly transferred to another bike. The sealed case protects against water penetration, which allows it to be used in adverse weather conditions.

Instruction manual

Product details:

material: ABS / PC
location: handlebars
fastening: Composite clamp
light source: 3.5 W Cree R3 XPE2
power: ≥ 140 lumens
lighting: ≥ 32 lux / 10 m
range: ≥100 m
temperature of emitted light: 6000 ° C k
power supply: lithium battery 3.7 in 1200 mAh
operating time: 3 - 12 hours
charging: USB
charging time: 4 hours
built-in battery status indicator
IPX4 waterproof
USB charging
compliance with the standard, on road traffic
dimensions: 81 x 46 x 37 mm
weight: 88 g (handle)
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