Kross BP-DM-2 Metallic Deore M515/525/475/415 Disc Pads

Kross Metallic Deore M515/525/475/415 Disc Pads

The quality of  the brake pads for a bicycle is a decisive factor when it comes to smoothness and braking efficiency, and therefore driving safety. One of the ways to keep it is to use the pads specified by the manufacturer of the brake system. BP-DM-2 brake pads  are designed for installation in disc brakes.

Brake pads suitable for demanding routes

Features such as abrasion resistance determine the service life of the brake pads . In this respect, the metallic pads are second to none. The same goes for braking speed. They can also be used in the autumn season, because moisture does not adversely affect the smooth stopping of the vehicle. They work well both on more demanding off-road routes, as well as on gentler, urban routes.

Conditions for safe use of brake pads

BP-DM-2 brake pads  are designed for Deore brake models (M515, M525, M575). It should be remembered that the newly installed brake pads must not be overused and subjected to sudden braking. For the sake of driving safety, remember to periodically replace the blocks. A sign of the need for replacement is a high-pitched, shrill brake noise.

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