Kross Merlin 700c Mudguard Set Black

Kross Merlin 700c Mudguard Set Black

Merlin SDS fenders - quality and safety

The Merlin SDS fender set is a combination of durability, safety and quality offered by the Kross brand, which is why they are perfect for any terrain, regardless of weather conditions - when driving in the rain, they fulfill their role fantastically. These fenders are extremely light and are designed for bicycles with a narrow tire profile, such as city bikes, as well as cross, trekking and fixed-wheel models. made of stainless steel. Thanks to this, the movement of the fender while riding is impossible, and this significantly affects the comfort of the rider, providing him with greater stability while riding.

Characteristics of Merlin SDS fenders

Merlin SDS fenders are extremely resistant to damage, because their production uses a two-component plastic characterized by high durability. The fenders weigh only 430 g. Moreover, they are 46 mm wide. They will fit perfectly on 28 "wheels with tire widths varying from 32 to 46 mm.

Merlin SDS fender mounts

Attach the front fender with a sliding adapter to the front shock absorber or fork crown, and the rear fender with a frame adapter and a clamp to a seat tube not exceeding 40 mm in diameter. Use side wires to immobilize both the front and rear fenders.

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