Oxford Shackle 14 DUO U-Lock (320mm) Blue

Oxford Shackle 14 DUO U-Lock (320mm) Blue

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Please call or email for availability


Oxford's SHACKLE 14 D-Lock fulfils the three most important requirements of a quality D-Lock:

Highly secure: it comfortably surpasses Sold Secure's 'Gold' standard by using a 14mm special hardened steel shackle and body mated to a simple but powerful locking mechanism with 3 replaceable keys.

Easy to transport: Oxford devised a unique quick-release carry bracket which is both sturdy and super-easy to fit to a huge range of frame and seat post sizes.

Reliable: a top quality pre-oiled locking mechanism is protected by a rubber over-moulded body to cope with the tough outdoor life that locks endure.

The lock comes in 2 sizes; the 260mm length is a good compromise for general use, while the largest 320mm should be big enough to encompass the wheel, frame and some street furniture. This model can also be purchased with a chunky 1.2m hawser cable, to extend its reach.

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