Luma Netlock 60HU 245mm U-Lock Alarmed With Tracking

Luma Netlock 60HU 245mm U-Lock Alarmed With Tracking

Luma - Netlock 60HU Lock

Connectivity range: 100m
Connectivity: Telephone - Anti-theft via Bluetooth 5.0
2 x Lithium AAA battery It is important that the batteries used in the NETLOCK 60 HU are lithium to guarantee the proper functioning of the theft deterrent.
Alarm: 100 db
Reversible key lock
Mesh location system: other users with the Netlock app can communicate with your burglar and send a signal to the server. In case your vehicle has been moved, if you consult the last location your app would show this last connection.
You would not receive a notification when you are not in range, but you can see if your motorcycle is still in the same place or if it has changed (if it has communicated with another clear Netlock.

Netlock 60 HU Instructions

Luma Netlock.

Netlock connects to your mobile phone allowing you to locate your vehicle. 

It is also equipped with alarm and will send notifications to your phone in case of theft attempt.

Preguntas Frecuentes


Every kilometer counts

Check your tracks

Find out how many kilometers you have traveled and your average speed. You will surely be surprised!


Where did i park?

Was this street or the next?

I lent my bike to a friend and I’m not sure where he parked it

You don’t need to worry if you don’t know the exact location of your bike. The Netlock application allows you to locate your vehicle. The download and use of the app is free of charge. 


Know the location of all your vehicles thanks to your mobile phone

If you own a few two-wheeled vehicles you will be able to locate them all with one Netlock app by pairing all your locks with the same user account.

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