Moon Meteor Storm Lite LED front USB light

Moon Meteor Storm Lite LED front USB light

Stock Code: LILAA276

Lumen Output:

  • Boost – 1100lm – 1.00hr
  • Mode1 – 800lm – 1.30hr
  • Mode2 – 600lm – 2.00hr
  • Mode3 – 400lm – 2.50hr
  • Mode4 – 200lm – 6.00hr
  • Mode5 – 100lm – 12.00hr
  • FL1 – 20lm – 105.00hr
  • FL2 – 100lm – 35.00hr
  • FL3 – 400lm – 24.00hr
  • Day FL – 400lm – 65.00hr

Best Features:

  • Over heat protection system
  • Quick release SAMSUNG lithium ion battery 18650 x2
  • Quick release handlebar mount (fits 22-35mm)
  • Quick release helmet mount
  • Magnetic battery cover design
  • Low battery, charging and fully charged indicator
  • Automatic fully charged cut-off system
  • USB remote control system
  • Water resistant (IPX 4)
  • Mode memory

In 1996, we formed and launched our first bike light in the market. The dedication on design, quality and innovation has been continuously driving us to succeed in the market with a diversified product portfolio throughout the years.

Our belief is to bring the utmost standard of illumination of bicycle light for cyclists who explore mountains or cities in the dark. Inspiration is always leading us as a team of passionate cyclists, designers and engineers to pursue innovative technology and development. 

We continue our exploration for innovation and meticulously build our lights with attention to detail in every design. Every piece of our lights goes through rigorous reviews and tests in order to ensure all of your ways are lit up by our lights.

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