Kross Hydra Water Bag Bladder 2 Litres

Kross Hydra Water Bag Bladder 2 Litres

Hydra Bag

The Hydra Bag bicycle bag by Kross is the perfect way to hydrate the body during physical activity. Thanks to its low weight and construction, it can be easily stored in a backpack. Ideally suited to both short bike trips and long distances.


Practical bicycle water bag

The capacity of the Hydra Bag is 2 liters. It is worth noting that the container itself weighs only 151 grams, which is especially important when covering longer routes. As you know, after a few kilometers, each additional weight becomes more important - this problem does not occur here. Tight closure ensures that the contents will not spill out in the backpack. What's more, the reservoir can be easily cleaned through the opening at the top of the tank. It is worth noting that the product is made of non-toxic plastic, thanks to which it is light and harmful substances do not get into the water. Due to its flexibility, the water bag fits backpacks of various sizes and shapes.


The perfect water container

The Hydra Bag is designed for cyclists who value comfort and useful solutions. The practical Kross water bag will work in all conditions. It is available in a blue color version. On its outer wall there are also instructions for use and the most important information.

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